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For Sharing

Rolls Roulette

Rolls Roulette

A platter of Sri Lankan style spring rolls in a random variety of spice levels and fillings 

Dare to take the ultimate roulette challenge? Some are hot. Some are not - and there’s only one way to find out which one is which.

The Rolls Roulette box is not for the faint-hearted. A complete mystery mix of mild, medium, hot and extra hot spice levelsYou won't be able to tell them apartYou’re guaranteed to feel the heat and the ultimate thrill of the roulette game... watch a friend or family member accidentally pick the spiciest roll and savour the moment! 

South Indian Special Breakfast

All dishes are boneless

Devilled Dishes

Sizzling devilishly red-hot dish infused with mouth-watering bold and feisty flavours – Stir fried on high heat, cooked with peppers, chilli flakes, onions and fusion of Chinese and Sri Lankan spices 

  • Devilled Potato
  • Devilled Mushroom
  • Devilled Egg
  • Devilled Paneer
  • Devilled Chicken
  • Devilled Fish
  • Devilled Mutton
  • Devilled Squid 
  • Devilled Prawn 
  • Devilled Seafood
  • NEW - Devilled Sausage 
  • NEW - Devilled Salmon 

House Dishes


House Specials


Our House Specials dishes takes you to the deep roots of authentic Sri Lankan street food culture.These popular dishes have gained global popularity from the menu due to their blend of fiery spices, bursting rich flavours and unique textures. Prepared with a secret recipe that has been in our family for generations, there is no surprise our loyal customers have ordered from us again and again. 

Main Curries

Sri Lankan curries are known for their hot spicy flavours - throughout years of colonisation and influence from other countries, the island has adapted its food culture into a blend of different tasty and colourful curry concoctions. The curries are incredibly colourful with colours that range from yellow to deep brown. Try these curries with any of our House Dishes or House Specials.

Sayan Sri Speciality Dishes

Fancy trying something new and looking for something special? These following dishes have been chosen and added to our menu featuring chef Sri’s favourite ingredients inspired by her love for Sri Lankan and South Indian Cuisine. Our Speciality Dishes served with a twist take your taste buds on a journey to another levelYou won’t be disappointed - they’re mouth-watering experiences you just can’t miss! 

Traditional Sri Lankan Thali

A round platter of rice and selection of the finest Sri Lankan curries.  Originated from South India, the Thali is said to be a complete representation of six different tastes (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent). These Thalis include the aromatic and healthy ingredients long identified in South Asia. The Thali Meal package is perfect for large events such as birthdays, weddings or house events 

Lunchtime Tiffin

Sayan Sri’s Lunchtime Tiffin service is the perfect solution for your lunchtime needs. We prepare both non-veg and pure veg Sri Lankan & South Indian ‘rice and curry’ meals daily for a quick and delicious meal on-the-goFollowing on from its introduction during the establishment of the British Raj in the 18th Century, our lunchtime tiffin carries on the traditional thali-style selection of the finest curries. The Lunchtime Tiffin comes packed usually in 2-3 separate plastic containers (For that traditional experience, we have stainless steel stacked containers available for purchase).